Friday, October 5, 2007

The Mouse's Tale - Lewis Carroll (Submitted by Lauren Holland)

"Mine is a long and sad tale!" said the Mouse, turning to Alice, and sighing.
"It is a long tail, certainly," said Alice, looking down with wonder at the Mouse's tail; "but why do you call it sad?" And she kept on puzzling about it while the Mouse was speaking, so that her idea of the tale was something like this:--

"Fury said to a mouse, that he met in the house, 'Let us both go to law: I will prosecute you. -- Come, I'll take no denial; we must have a trial: for really this morning I've nothing to do.' Said the mouse to the cur, 'Such a trial, dear sir, with no jury or judge, would be wasting our breath.' 'I'll be judge, I'll be jury,' said cunning old Fury. 'I'll try the whole cause, and condemn you to death.'"

"You are not attending!" said the Mouse to Alice, severely. "What are you thinking of?"
"I beg your pardon," said Alice very humbly, "you had got to the fifth bend, I think?"
"I had not!" cried the Mouse sharply and very angrily.
"A knot!" said Alice, always ready to make herself useful, and looking anxiously about her. "Oh, let me help to undo it!"
"I shall do nothing of the sort," said the Mouse, getting up and walking away. "You insult me by talking such nonsense!"
"I didn't mean it!" pleaded poor Alice. "But you're so easily offended, you know!"
The Mouse only growled in reply.

Tour - Carol Snow (Submitted by Stephanie Rubino)

Near a shrine in Japan he'd swept
the path and then placed camellia
blossoms there.

Or -- we had no way of knowing - he'd
swept the path between fallen camellias.

Friends - Catherine M. Hodkinson (Submitted by Jessica Battreall)

Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss,
If you are my friend, please answer me this:
Are we friends, or are we not?
You told me once, but I forgot.
So tell me now, and tell me true,
So I can say I'm here for you
Of all the friends I've ever met,
You're the one I won't forget
And if I die before you do,
I'll go to heaven and wait for you,
I'll give the angels back their wings
and risk the loss of everything
There isn't a think I would o
to have a friend just like you.

Morning Poem - Danielle D. Curtis (Submitted by Kasey Amendola)

Woke early one morning,
the earth lay cool and still,
when suddenly a tiny bird,
perched on my window sill,
it sand a song so lovely,
so carefree and so gay,
that slowly all my troubles,
began to slip away,
it sang of far off places,
of laughter and of fun,
it seemed his very song,
brought out the morning sun,
I pulled back the covers,
and crept slowly out of bed,
and gently shut the window,
and crushed his freaking head,
I'm not a morning person.

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