Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When Ure Hero Falls - Tupac Shakur (Submitted by Nick Neuner)

when your hero falls from grade
all fiary tales r uncovered
myths exposed and pain magnified
the greatest pain discovered
u taught me 2 be strong
but im confused 2 c u so weak
u said never 2 give up
and it hurts 2 c u welcome defeat
when ure hero falls so do the stars
and so does the perception of tomorrow
without my hero there is only
me alone 2 deal with my sorrow
your heart ceases 2 work
and your soul is not happy at all
what r u expected 2 do
when ure only hero falls

Coffee Lovers - Aindreas Brennan (Submitted by Heather Cuzzi)

He smiles to himself,
As he thinks of her,
Sitting alone in her kitchen,
Sipping coffee.
She thinks of him too,
But little does he know it.
Both pass each other every day,
Without passing on the knowledge,
Of their inwardly turned love.
Time and time again it happens,
For who has the courage to say it first,
Or do they just enjoy,
Their secret love affair.

Did you know? - Mary E. Rose (Submitted by Danielle Yarusso)

Did you see what you did?
I did.
Even if you didn't.
You told me.
Not with words, cheap and meaningless,
But with your eyes.
Your arms. Your heart.
I heard your soul whisper to mine
In that subtle way that all souls do.
I love you, with everything in me,
I love you.
Then I wondered
Can you see me
Like I see you?

Poetry is - Anonymous CE student (Submitted by Maggie Herndon)

Poetry is
Like falling in love
When you tumble into a poem
You just can't seem to get up
You want to stay in that moment for all of time
You want to be there with him
Like rhythm and rhyme

As the world changes
From the dark to light
The sunset
The moon becomes your only source of light
You wish he was there by your side
Like the waves about to hit the shore
Your hearts collide
Whether you are a disaster becoming a catastrophe
He will always be your life your love your poetry

Just A Simple Tree - Billy Rob (Submitted by Richie Grasso)

When fall strokes its brush upon them, the leaves begin to die,
to make sure the tree can stay alive, each must say goodbye.
This coat of colors comforts the tree to ease what lies ahead,
when cold winds try to fell it after all the leaves are dead.

Standing tall it holds each branch upwards toward the sky
to brave those winter storms, sent from clouds on high.
Having deep faith in nature, knows it soon will send the spring
and those sunny days for the birth of leaves it brings.

Older now, my mind is filled with great awe in the faith I see
and feel ashamed I had less faith than just a simple tree.
Our lives are made of seasons and some will make us grieve,
but if we just have faith, we will never be without our leaves.

The Family Castle - Nancy Rakovszky (Submitted by Melissa Wiltse)

Our castle stands atop the hills
And offers strength of spirit
Place your hand little one unto mine
And I shall lead you to it.

The family castle is now your home
The stones grow ever stronger
For the castle's built on love and hope
Alone you are no longer.

Behind these walls that rise up high
Lies a garden lush and green
Its offerings bountiful as the sea
And beauty yet unseen.

Drink the waters that beckon you near
They'll fill your heart with hope
Feast on the knowledge offered here
For that will help you cope.

Our fires will fill your soul with warmth
To cast off the chill outside
Yet stay not here within these walls
They were not built to hide.

Swing wide the gates so you can see
The world lie at your feet
For without what hides beyond
The castle's incomplete.

Mount our stallion strong and true
For he shall be your guide
His legs have carried those of us
Who've ventured far outside.

Fear not what you do not yet know
Lead on and find your star
Fill your pack with experience
That you shall gain afar.

The good times will outnumber bad
Though sometimes you shall fall
It's at that time that you should seek
The strength of the castle wall.

For no matter the path you choose to take
No matter the strenth of tides
You need only look inside your heart
For that's where the castle resides.

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